MEMORIZE: “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”(Matt. 5:16).

READ: Matthew 5:14-16

According to Acts 10:38, it takes the one who is anointed to do questionable, you need to trace the source of that anointing. If good works. If you perform miracles but your character is you heal the sick and raise the dead, but still live like the devil, your anointing is obviously not from God. If you perform no miracle but exude the fruit of the Spirit, you are heading for Heaven, and God will be proud of you.

If you operate under a so-called anointing and miracles are taking place while you are living in lies, deceit, fornication and lust, immediately run to the Cross to be born-again. Any anointing that cannot take you to Heaven is useless and unnecessary. Any anointing that continues to operate while the vessel is still in sin must be avoided. If you are the light of the world, it will show in your conduct.

It will show in your behaviour. It will show in the way you relate with your fellow human beings. It is not enough to preach; many preach but their conduct negates their message. Your life is saying something to those around you. What is the message your conduct is sending out? Many years ago, one of our pastors in Ilesa took up the challenge of daily cleaning up the pit latrine that no co-tenant wanted to touch.

When this pastor was eventually transferred from the local church, his co-tenants wept. Like they say, actions speak louder than words. By your good works, you can show to people that you serve the living God. Come down from your lofty place! Some people are so proud and unreachable. They look down on virtually everyone. If you claim to be a believer and look down on unbelievers, how can they ever see Christ in you? Pride is satanic! As long as you remain proud, it is Satan you are showing to those around you.

KEY POINT: If your character is not pointing others to Christ, you are probably emitting a negative ray. Shine for God in all you do.