Our History

Celestial church of Christ Amazing Grace Parish was started 04/12/ 2003. Amazing Grace Parish went through a lot of turbulent that we almost gave up on it. In the midst of darkness God shone His light and He showed Himself to be master planner, He manifested Himself in ways we can never comprehend. He rebuilds and put His church back on track through His Anointed man of God.

CCC Amazing Grace Parish was renamed a family church, Where miracles happen through the power of regular prayer meetings, where full membership involvement is encouraged.

The Lord mighty in battle, The Host of Shalom, Captain of His ship did a marvellous job, He appointed His anointed to turn Amazing Grace Parish from the stone the builders reject that becomes the corner stone of the house, this is the Lords doing it is marvellous in our eye.

The Lord of Celestial is an Awesome God. The bible tells us that ‘His words will not go unfulfilled’. “This is a sanctuary of praise that has been generating a lot of weekly testimonies “