Our Sunday Service

JERIH MOH YAMAHJerih Moh Yamah,JERIH Moh Yamah, The host of Angels full of joy in Heaven, The host of Angels, The host of Angels, They are praising God with joyful songs in heaven.

The lighting of the candles: Yah Rah Sarah, Yah Rah Samahtah, Yah Rah Sarah, Yah Rah Samahtah, Kindle the light Divine from Heaven above, Kindle the light, Divine from Heaven Above.

Kneeling down Hymns (call to worship)
AH Raman, Hi Yah Raman,Yah Raman Yah Raman,
Yahman, Ya Raman
Oh come unto the Lord,Oh come unto the Lord. Amen.
Oh Christ Oh my King, I will worship Thee, My power and shining light, Holy thou Holiest. Amen.

The Jingling of the bell 3 × 3 is to worship God Jehovah…
With proclamation : Isaiah 6:3
…….Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts…
Follow by prayers of forgiveness etc…
Come and worship with us….