Children & Youth


CCC Amazing Grace parish (AGP) holds our yearly Fun Day for our children and youths as part of out Juvenile Harvest which takes place on the 1st Sunday of June, in prelude, to the Juvenile Harvest Day Held in CCC Worldwide.

It is always packed with loads of fun activities, races with the children, the youths and the adults, junior football and seniors football matches ( supported by some professional footballers), table tennis competition. Lots of food and drinks. More importantly, to coin it up, it was a glorious day, a day of merriment, exhibited with Love and Happiness by all.

On the Sunday of the Juvenile Harvest. The children took over, from conducting the service, to singing, sermoning and choreographing. It an interesting day.

At AGP we celebrates the lives of our children and youth
The children and youths of this generation are our mission! Our children need the guidance of caring adults to propel them in the way and purpose of the Lord Almighty.

Our this year will be held on THE 1ST SUNDAY OF JUNE..